WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Obama Camp Blocks Donations From China, Allows Giving From Other Countries To Continue

October 26, 2012

President Obama’s campaign and the Chinese government have blocked online donations from China, but the Obama camp appears to have done nothing to block illegal contributions from other countries.

“[For Chinese users], the campaign has now blocked access from using the contribute page,” Peter Schweizer, whose Government Accountability Institute issued a report on illegal foreign donations to American political campaigns, told The Washington. GAI reportedthat a website, Obama.com — owned by one of the president’s top campaign bundlers — drives traffic to the donation page on Obama’s campaign website.

Sixty-eight percent of that website’s visitors resided in foreign countries. The Chinese government has blocked access to Obama.com for internet users in mainland China, which Schweizer said accounted for just 10 percent of traffic to the website.

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